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While there is still speculation as to whether we are still in the Covid-19 pandemic, or whether we have passed through the other end, we do know that schools are still seeing the same issues that they saw throughout 2020 and 2021. 

Department For Education

The latest report from the Department for Education has warned that children’s education is currently at crisis levels, having not recovered following the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Education recovery has been listed as one of six key risks in the Department for Education’s annual report. Raising fears that if children do not sufficiently make up for the lessons missed during Covid, then poorer children and those with special educational needs will drop further behind.

However, any advances since the pandemic have been hampered by the ongoing workforce crisis. 

Workforce Crisis

While there was a lull in recruitment into the education sector prior to the start of the pandemic, we have seen a continuous decrease in the number of Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Support Staff entering the industry since 2020.

While the period of remote learning was a trying time for the whole sector, it appears that there is still a reluctance for individuals to join, or even rejoin the industry following the return to in-school lessons. Even more so where SEND education is concerned.

Unfortunately, the latest rounds of strikes may also have seen a number put off the industry with the main issue being over pay. However, the UK-wide hope is that once the pay dispute is resolved, there will be an influx looking to enter the profession. 


So while absences for Covid-19 are becoming fewer and far between, the sector is still struggling. Many schools are operating as normal, with full classes and student interactions back in place. 

Can we truly say that the sector has recovered until we are back to full staffing capacity?

If your school is struggling to fill Teaching Assistant places, our recruitment support is available. We are also encouraging schools to consider employing fresh TAs with little to no experience to help them into the industry. If they require support or increased knowledge, understanding and awareness, our courses are available for an immediate online start.