Each year we see Learning At Work Week come around as a way to encourage individuals to learn while they work.

Learning At Work Week

This week is all about encouraging life-long learning in the workplace. Encouraging those within your team to continue their learning, even after they start their role with you. Learning should never stop when you start a job, and certainly not within our schools, where so much can change, even in a short space of time. So take advantage of this week, and see how you can encourage your team to get back into learning.

Learning At Work

Learning at work has been proven to be one of the best methods of learning. This method means that you can put knowledge into practice in real-life situations, something that our Teaching Assistants will gain great experience from doing. 

At The Learning College, we have always found that the learners who can display the best understanding are those that are learning while they work, with the encouragement of the school they are in.

Online Learning

Learning at work can take on a number of different meanings, from learning through experience, to learning by assessments, or even online learning. Here at The Learning College, each of our courses is completed with online assessments. However, there are a number of courses that require classroom assessments, to see how our learners are interacting within the appropriate setting.

The online elements of our courses can be completed at a time and pace to suit the learner, and when they are ready, classroom assessments will be arranged in accordance with the school and our college tutors.

This dual method of learning helps our learners to get the most knowledge from their qualifications while applying their understanding as they go. Perfect to take forward into their future.

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