Here at The Learning College, we are pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with Prospero Teaching. A partnership that will help our learners find the perfect role for them moving forward.

The Partnership

Our partnership with Prospero Teaching has been formed to help our learners with their journey into a new career, or in some cases into a more suitable role. 

We currently have a large number of learners who are looking to take the first steps in their new career, starting with gaining the qualifications that will give them the knowledge in a new role. However, we have previously been limited to only offering help to the end of the qualification, or onto another qualification. This partnership allows us to support those learners to find the role that will propel them forward into a role within education, be it a Teaching Assistant, Support Staff and Nursery Assistants.

Prospero Teaching

Prospero Teaching is an award-winning supply teaching recruitment agency with offices throughout the UK (and further afield!). With over two decades of experience, they have education consultants who work to find you the most suitable role, from a wide range of education jobs. They supply staff across Primary, Secondary and SEN settings; from small community schools to large multi-academy trusts.


We currently have a number of learners with little to no experience working within schools or nurseries, with the view of this being their new career. Once they have started to study with us, they will become eligible to receive recruitment support from our partners over at Prospero Teaching. This support can help them to find suitable roles, in their area, and help them gain the much-needed experience for the future.

In The Future

As our partnership blooms, we hope that in the future we will be able to introduce support for schools looking to fill gaps with qualified candidates. So if this is your school, keep checking back with us, and we hope to have an update for you soon! 

If you are interested in more information regarding our partnership, or would like to discuss our courses or recruitment support, please contact the team. We will be happy to assist you where we possibly can, and if we can’t we’ll know someone who can!