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TQUK Level 1 Maths Functional Skills (GCSE Alternative)


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The TQUK Level 1 Maths Functional Skills is essential for success in any form of future study, qualifications and work opportunities. As a recognised alternative to a  GCSE qualification, Functional Skills courses were created to offer you the most convenient solution to learn and develop practical skills in this essential subject of Maths. 



The TQUK Level 1 Functional Skills in Maths online course includes everything you need to prepare for a Functional Skills exam. The learner platform will guide you through all modules by utilising the very latest in learning technology, making study simple and enjoyable. It will also enable you to study in your own time at your own pace with full Tutor support from start to finish.

This Functional Skills qualification will enable you to gain a GCSE in Maths. It is fully OFQUAL regulated and Nationally recognised.


Who is this qualification for?

Functional Skills courses were created by the UK Government with the aim of enhancing the literacy, numeracy, and Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills of individuals in the UK. These courses, which are equivalent to achieving a GCSE, can assist individuals in meeting the requirements for employment and university admission that necessitate a passing grade in these subjects.

Maths and English are universally recognised as fundamental subjects, as they are crucial for comprehending all other academic disciplines. Moreover, both numeracy and literacy skills are essential for successfully navigating daily life.

Therefore, undertaking the Functional Skills Maths Level 1 course will enable you to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to overcome everyday challenges.

By improving your numeracy skills, you will be able to effectively demonstrate a clear understaing with working in numbers.

OFQUAL Qualification Details

Qualification reference number – 610/2623/2

This qualification is:



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  1. Using Numbers – The section on Numbers in the Functional Skills Level 1 Maths course covers a wide range of topics, from whole numbers to decimals, fractions, and percentages. You will learn how to apply these skills to solve real-life problems, such as making purchasing decisions, using ratios in recipes, and verifying the accuracy of bills. To assess your understanding, skill checks will be provided at the end of each section, to test your learnt knowledge.
  2. Understanding Measure, Shape and Space – The module on Measure, Shape, and Space in the Functional Skills Level 1 Maths course includes various topics like area, distance, time, speed, and temperature. You will learn how to solve problems related to time management in your daily life or at work, as well as how to utilize your knowledge of shape and area for tasks like reading maps or planning home renovations. To assess your understanding, skill checks will be provided at the end of each section, to test your learnt knowledge.
  3. Handling Data – The Handling Data section focuses on working with information. You will learn how to summarize and present data, as well as how to interpret information shared by others in the Functional Skills Level 1 Maths course. Additionally, you will explore concepts like probability and identifying patterns, while also understanding how data and statistics can be biased. To assess your understanding, skill checks will be provided at the end of each section, to test your learnt knowledge.

Once you’ve undertaken all of the skill checks and recommended learning, you will then undertake your diagnostic assessment to determine which level you are now working at. Once you are working at level 1.5 and above, you should be ready to take your final exam.

As part of your qualification you will also be able to utilise the following tools througout your study of which is all part of the Learner Platform:

  • Initial assessments to see your first level at the start of qualification
  • Skill check test on certain subjects
  • Mock paper exams
  • Diagnostic assessments to take after learning to see your progress
  • Utilise the interactive learning areas
  • Have targets set by your Tutor

Must be 14 years or over at registration

Access to a computer with a webcam is required for this qualfiication.

The course can’t be completed using the devices below:

  • Phone device
  • Tablet such as iPad, Android etc


Throughout your Functional Skills Maths Level 1 course, your progress will be evaluated through our online skill checks and diagnostic tests. Once you achieve a level 1.5 or higher on these quizzes, you will be deemed prepared to proceed with your exams.

There is 1 exam in 2 sections to undertaken with your Level 1 Maths Functional Skills of which are taken from your own location so no need to travel to any exam centre.

Please note: Exam fee ‘is’ included within your registration

You will have 12 months to complete this qualification however, it can be completed sooner as it all depends on the hours you put in each week.

Study Time

Guided Learning Hours – 55 hours

Total Qualification Time – 60 hours

Who’s it for?

The TQUK Level 1 Maths Functional Skills is for any person looking to achieve Maths in order to either meet job requirements/standards or to further education via Colleges/Universities.

It is also ideal for persons re-locating to the UK that wish to upskill and gain the required GCSE equivalent to further career opportunities.

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