Retaining Quality Classroom Assistants In The Current Economy

With the UK heading into an economic downturn many schools are assessing the ways in which they can save money. Even following the announcement of the Autumn Budget that we discussed last week. 

However, one of the assets that many schools are scrambling to retain is Classroom Assistants. With many looking to move to schools that can offer better prospects, or a change in career completely. So while the workforce is so unsettled, invest what you can in quality Classroom Assistants. 

Classroom Assistants

Without the host of Classroom Assistants, Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistants many schools would be struggling to cope with increasing demands, student numbers and SEN support. 

In order to combat the ever-changing landscape within the education sector, ensuring that your Classroom Assistants are readily prepared for the challenges that lay ahead will help to retain them in their current position. The ideal way to prepare your team is by pairing their workplace experience with government-recognised qualifications.

While some schools may be looking at the budget and questioning how this can be funded, it has to be considered that the recruitment fee to find another suitable replacement for the individual, or the use of supply staff could be considerably higher. 

Courses For Teaching Assistants

Here at The Learning College, we offer a selection of courses for Teaching Assistants and alike. Where the individual requires a further understanding that includes SEN, we recommend the CACHE Level 3 Teaching Assistant Qualification & SEN Certificate. Alternatively, we offer a Mental Health Bundle, that includes Understanding Autism and Understanding Mental Health.

Unfortunately, not everything can be taught and experienced through our courses alone. However, they do give the individuals the knowledge and skills to deal with situations that they will likely encounter. We advise our learners to take what they have learnt back into their schools and see what can be changed and improved to be a more effective process for dealing with situations. 

Online Learning

We understand that time is a precious commodity, particularly when many schools are already understaffed. For this reason, our courses are all entirely online based. This allows the learner to complete them in a time and place to suit them, around prior commitments. This can be outside of standard working hours, or as and when they can within the working day should they have the time and facilities to do so. 

Being an online course does not mean that they will have no support. We have a team of accredited assessors that are on hand to assist when required. We also provide knowledgeable feedback to learners when submitted work requires a little more refinement. 

For schools that have multiple team members studying with us we can provide regular reports to track their progress. While we do not set deadlines for units (they will have a final deadline for submission) these reports allow the funding school to keep on top of underachieving team members. 

For more information on our courses please contact our team today who will be able to assist you.