The summer term is either loved or hated within schools. Predominantly dependent on which ages you work with. For those working in secondary education, there is increased pressure during the exam season, while younger years will enjoy a more relaxed term, where they can indulge in more outdoor activities. 

Prepare For Success

Exam season is unfortunately a necessary part of education, helping to prepare young minds for the future ahead. So this term, how can your school help students go through this period with as little stress as possible?

We appreciate that it is vital that education is continued and that exam preparation is important during this term, but keeping students engaged and interested is the best way to help them retain information. There are a number of ways to keep them engaged this term, including moving revision sessions outdoors, or even to a local outdoor area. Studies have shown that fresh air helps to improve concentration and memory, all the more reason to treat the students!

Enjoy The Weather

Where possible, encourage classes to be in the great outdoors. Being outside can be just as educational as being inside, regardless of the subject matter! 

For young minds the great outdoors can help with science, think animal habitats, the science behind flowers or even the weather. For English, aren’t many stories based on the outside world and all the wonders of? Or the poetry written about the sun and all its glory?

Then of course, we know that during bad weather we move all sports indoors, but while the sun is shining, take advantage and get outside onto the school field. 

Prepare For September

While the summer term is seen as the lead-up to the summer holidays, we also need to remember that this is the ideal time to prepare for the start of the autumn term. 

For some schools, this period marks a change of staff, whether this be Teachers, Teaching Assistants, or Support Staff. 

Help to prepare your new team with online qualifications from The Learning College. For more information, or to discuss a partnership with your school, please get in touch with the team today, we look forward to hearing from you.