The Benefits Of Agency Workers In Schools

In 2022 there is a real concern over the reduced number of Teaching Assistants and other support staff coming through the recruitment process. This can often leave schools short-staffed, leaving other team members struggling.

Employing Agency

Many schools are reluctant to consider working with agencies to fill their gaps for a number of reasons.

Firstly schools consider their own rigorous vetting protocols. Working with an agency means that the vetting has been carried out by the agency team, rather than the school itself. While this could be daunting, the vetting process agencies carry out is extensive. From historical jobs to education, training and experience, all are considered before they are taken on as agency employees.

Secondly, experience is vital. A number of schools are concerned regarding the experience that the individual may have, particularly where SEN is concerned. The benefits to an agency TA are that they are exposed to a wide range of situations, circumstances and varying levels of SEN, which allows them increased experience in the field. And in many cases, they will have a wider range of experience than a full-time TA.

Finally, the formation of bonds. We appreciate that children, particularly those with SEN form bonds with the educators around them, in particular the TA that works directly with them. The good news with agency TA’s are that they do not need to be on a day-to-day placement. Long-term placements are available. However, unlike a permanent TA, an interim can be arranged in the event of illness or departure from the role. 

The Learning College And Agencies

Here at The Learning College, we are forming close partnerships with recruitment agencies that also have a team of supply and agency workers at hand. Our partners are looking to work with those who have already completed relevant qualifications or are currently obtaining their qualifications. This is where our courses come in. 

Those without qualifications have the option to work with The Learning College, where they will study for government-recognised qualifications that prepare them for real-world situations. 

If you would like to know more about our partnerships or would like further information on working with agencies, please contact the team today.