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In an economy where budgets are tight, we know that all schools are looking to make cuts where they possibly can. However, one of the first cuts considered is Teaching Assistants, who can also be considered just as vital in the classroom as the Teacher. 

Why Are Teaching Assistants So Important?

Teaching Assistants are vital within the classroom as they support the Teacher in many ways. From helping with lesson preparation, offering extra support to pupils who require it, and often, playing as an extra set of eyes for the Teacher. 

Aside from this, many are also utilised for those pupils who require 1-to-1 assistance, such as those with learning difficulties, delayed learning or even communication issues. This extra support often helps those pupils to remain in a classroom with peers of a similar age, and often helps them to remain in mainstream education. With pressures on specialist schools and limited availability, these pupils may not receive the education they require. 

How Can We Invest In Teaching Assistants?

Budgets might not allow you to invest in your Teaching Assistants by way of a pay rise, but you can invest small amounts in their education. 

Online qualifications allow your Teaching Assistants to increase their knowledge and understanding around their role, or specific aspects such as Autism and Mental Health. 

By investing in your Teaching Assistants you can increase your employee retention as they feel valued and supported. 

Why Online Courses Are Ideal

As we have mentioned, Teaching Assistants are a vital element within many classroom settings. So ensuring that they have the knowledge they require to be effective within their role is important. Unfortunately, it also means that we often cannot spare them during teaching hours to undertake additional study. 

Online courses through The Learning College are entirely online (selected courses do require classroom observations, but these can be completed to suit both the school and the learner). We also allow our learners to study at a time and pace to suit them. Whether this is downtime during the day, or indeed in their own time at home. 

Unsure which courses are right for your Teaching Assistants? Contact our team today who can help discuss this with you.