As we reach the end of April many schools are preparing for exam season starting in May. In 2023, exam season is likely to look a little different. Those sitting key stage 4 exams are no longer affected by distance learning throughout covid, and those sitting key stage 2 will all but have forgotten distance learning. The introduction of AI chatbots has now become a prevalent issue and recruitment issues in the sector mean that there are fewer available to act as invigilators. 

AI Cheating Allegations

Of course, this year poses a new threat to exams, assignments, homework, coursework and alike. This is thanks to the now widely available AI technology, such as ChatGPT. 

In many cases, there is little concern for exams as they are handwritten and under strict supervision. However, with the increase in technology, AI can still pose an issue. 

For exams, tighter regulations will be set to ensure that there is no availability for AI to be utilised. This goes above the standard requirement for all phones to be outside of the exam hall, and will now scrutinise the use of watches, particularly as many smartwatches now mimic classic watches and other mobile technology. 

Many schools are also now making the move to have coursework completed in supervised time slots. This will help to ensure that all coursework is completed away from the ability to use AI. 

However, this will mean that the role of Teaching Assistants may be adjusted in order to help schools monitor this new way of learning. 


The recruitment crisis has affected all elements of the education sector. For the most part, invigilators have remained unaffected as they are independent of schools. However, most schools will also have a number of Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Support Staff that are used throughout the exam period. 

Unfortunately, the recruitment crisis means that these resources are already limited, and will have to be pulled from other school-critical areas to aid with invigilation. 

While our courses can’t yet help when it comes to the Teaching Assistant role and AI (although I’m sure we could get a course written by AI!) we have a selection of qualifications designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of Teaching Assistants in other areas, such as Understanding Autism

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