This week in schools across the UK we have been celebrating Autism Acceptance Week! Previously the week has been known as Autism Awareness Week, however, this did not fully explain the purpose of the week and has since been changed to a more suitable title.

What Is Autism Acceptance Week?

Autism Acceptance Week started as a week to raise awareness of the 700,000 people in the UK who have been diagnosed with Autism. However, the week is no longer just about raising awareness. It’s about acceptance. 

The week aims to educate those with little to no knowledge or awareness of the condition, and how they can help to promote an accepting environment and community. 


This year, the theme for Autism Acceptance Week is colour. While the colour blue represents Autism, as a calming colour, we are also used to seeing all the colours of the rainbow to fully represent Autism. And this year, we will see even more being used with this theme. 

The National Autistic Society are raising money this year through their Spectrum colour challenge, with a range of fundraising ideas. 

Autism Acceptance Within Your School

Not all schools will currently have a pupil with Autism, however, it is likely that they will have at some point. There is also the likelihood that pupils within the school will encounter someone with Autism at some stage of their young lives. This is why it is important to promote acceptance at an early age. Ideally starting in an early years setting, and continuing right through education. 

We also know that not all Teaching Assistants and Support Staff will have experience with or an understanding of Autism. That’s why here at The Learning College, one of our online qualifications is the Understanding Autism Level 3. This qualification is entirely online, allowing your team to study at a time and pace to suit them.

For more information on our courses, or to discuss the requirements of your school, please contact the team today who will be happy to assist you.