As the summer term comes to a close, we take a look back over the last academic year, and glance ahead to the future and what September will bring for our schools.


This academic year we have seen a variety of issues and concerns raised, many of which we are hoping to leave behind and start a fresh school year in September. 

We have seen failings from Ofsted, which have led to the latest set of reforms, all of which should be in place by September. 

We have also seen the ongoing situation with recruitment issues throughout the education sector, including Teacher Strikes and the potential for Support Staff, including Teaching Assistants, to strike. 

There have been questions raised over the difficulty of a number of exams over the summer, both in secondary schools and primary, with the first in question being the Key Stage 1 reading Paper


Looking ahead to the next academic year, we wonder what the future holds. We are still seeing the impact of the budget crisis, there are still struggles for education recruitment, and there are still concerns over Ofsted. 

However, there are directions in place that mean this year we will hopefully significant changes within the industry and within our schools.

How Can We Help

Here at The Learning College, we want to help your school succeed where we can. Our range of online courses, primarily designed for Teaching Assistants and Support Staff offer recognised qualifications upon completion, to help your team gain the knowledge and understanding the need to succeed. 

Our partnership with Prospero Teaching allows us to offer our learners the chance of recruitment support. However, as we are evolving this partnership we are helping schools to fill their current vacancies with qualified learners. If this is something you are interested in, please contact the team today.