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In recent months many areas in the UK have come under scrutiny for not having enough facilities for SEND within their education system. This has led to an increasing number of schools looking for ways to incorporate SEND into their existing infrastructure.

SEND and Mainstream Schools

In 2022, there are a limited number of spaces available in specialist schools for children with SEND. Meaning that parents are looking towards mainstream schools for some assistance. Usually, this is met with the fear that their children may not get the additional or tailored support that they need, due to the school being ill-equipped.

With most UK councils having just one specialised school within their area it is now vital that mainstream schools start to incorporate SEND facilities in order to accommodate those children. Unfortunately, recent budget cuts mean that schools are reluctant to take on additional support from those with experience or qualifications. This means that schools will need to upskill the Teaching Assistants that they already have in order to effectively offer the additional support that these children will require.

Study With The Learning College

Here at The Learning College, we have a number of courses to help support Teaching Assistants in roles that include working with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities.
If you are looking to ensure that your Teaching Assistants are prepared, Speak to one of our team to discuss our corporate partnerships.
Each of our SEN courses are government recognised and designed to aid the Teaching Assistant in their daily role. Our courses include Working with Individuals with Learning Difficulties and Understanding Autism.
For more information, please contact our team today who will be happy to discuss courses and partnerships with you.

If you are studying one of our courses and are looking for paid employment within a school, please get in touch with the team today, or take a look at our recruitment page for more information.

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