Whether you are career driven or looking to improve the skill sets within your team, National Career Development Month celebrates the continuing professional development in any given industry, not just our beloved education sector.
National Career Development Month was established to encourage individuals and organisations alike to celebrate career development and to help promote a healthy perspective when an individual undertakes any career development.

Upskilling Your Team

Many organisations, including schools, consider the career development of their team to be detrimental to the organisation. For some, they see qualifications that they have funded as a tool their employees can use in order to land them a role elsewhere. Or those that pay for qualifications themselves are seen to be looking to move on. However, those individuals should be celebrated for wanting to better themselves for the role. So what are the benefits of encouraging your team to undergo career development?

Benefits Of Career Development

Career development not only benefits the individual but also the organisation.
In a period where Teaching Assistants and alike are in high demand, the retention of good team members is essential to schools. Offering career development opportunities enhances the likelihood of your Teaching Assistants remaining within the school, even if this is in an enhanced position, such as the ability to work closely with children with learning difficulties, autism or mental health. These opportunities can increase your retention rate by up to 34%, a beneficial figure when good TAs are like gold dust.

Courses are designed to increase the understanding and knowledge around a particular subject. For team members, this can be the difference between feeling supported in their position or overwhelmed. Those who no longer feel supported, or even prepared for their daily challenges are increasingly likely to seek positions in other schools. For TAs the primary cause of their feeling underprepared is working with learning difficulties, autism and mental health. For these, in particular, take a look at The Learning College Mental Health Collection.

At The Learning College, we want to promote a healthy career development plan. From those looking to gain Teaching Assistant Qualifications to those looking to broaden their knowledge and understanding with government-recognised courses on Understanding Autism or Mental Health, we have a variety of online courses to help boost career development.

For more information on any of our courses, or to discuss a partnership with a school please contact our team today who will be happy to arrange this with you.

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