Additional Services & Fees


We offer a range of additional services related to our courses


Course Extension Requests

Welcome to our exclusive student course extension area where you can request to extend your qualification giving you even more time to complete your studies should it be required.

Simply complete your request by using the option applicable to you below and then following the instructions. This will guide you through your form completion and a confirmation of your course extension will be sent via the college.

Should you have any concerns with regards to your study time you should call the college immediately to speak with an adviser.

Certification Payments

In order for the college to register your grade and claim your certificate you will be required to pay your certification fee. We do not charge for this fee up front as not all students go on to complete their course, so we deemed it unethical to charge for something they effectively will not receive. The college only charge this once you have passed your qualification.

Portfolio Support Services

This service is for students that have either incorrectly administered their course learner logs, or require the college to print their signed portfolio on their behalf. This fee can also cover other bespoke services agreed with the college.

If you have any further questions, please call us on:

01785 336464


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